Game of Life

ThetaHealing® Course

The Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar expands the information in the Basic Seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.

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Vianna has partnered with Hiro in an endeavor to unite spirituality and business, and this seminar is one of the first products from the effort, available through the ThetaHealing technique.


  • Belief work – Practical Approach 
  • Free yourself from parent obligations
  • Release traumas 
  • Get accepted by society 
  • Handle peer pressure 
  • Receive infinite abundance 
  • Grow your business as you wish 
  • Get ready to succeed 
  • Get excited Visioning and Manifestation

The ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioners Seminar was originally designed to bridge the gap between business and spirituality. As the seminar was introduced, people in business started seeing success by releasing and clearing beliefs that helped facilitate them in achieving their business goals. From here, the seminar grew in the realization that whatever your goal was, whether, in business or personal, this seminar brought the vision into being. With this practitioner seminar, focus is a key. You focus on your vision and release the beliefs around the creation your vision.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioners Manual

This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days.

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