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Michelle Orwick Master Spiritual Guide and Divine Chanel.

Life Coaching...
with a spiritual bent.

Most sessions include intuitive Insights and digging work. Some sessions may use predictive astrology, Numerology, oracle cards, tarot, runes, ThetaHealing techniques, Reiki techniques, Speaking with angels and guides.
I consider myself a healer, a spiritual counselor and guide. I work in the energy field getting messages from your spiritual guides, Ancestors, angels, Attended masters.
However, I do not consider myself a medium. I sometimes get messages from those the crossover. I however do not speak with your angels guides or that was on the other side directly as a medium. Keep that in mind if that is what you’re looking for. They come through as part of healing work but not as if I was calling them up on the phone to ask them a question.

Sessions: In person when available

  • 25 minute $60
  • 50 minute $100
  • 90 minute $133
  • Two hours $200
  • Three hours $300
Michelle is available for in person sessions on Tuesdays by appointment only at COAL. Please select Book a Session With Me to schedule your in person session
Distance sessions are mostly done by phone. However, arrangements can be made for them to be done by FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google hangouts, Zoom. When available.

Distance healing sessions

  • 25 minute $50
  • 50 minute $88
  • 90 minute $122
  • Two hour $180
  • Three hours $250
  • Two dollars a minute for going over time. Sometimes not available.
Michelle is available for distance phone sessions on Wednesdays by appointment only. Please select Book a Session With Me to schedule your distance healing session. Other days may be available by request, please use contact tab to request a different day.