Schedule A Private One-On-One Live Session With Me

Michelle Orwick Master Spiritual Guide and Divine Chanel.

Life Coaching...
with a spiritual bent.

Most sessions include intuitive Insights and digging work. Some sessions may use predictive astrology, Numerology, oracle cards, tarot, runes, ThetaHealing techniques, Reiki techniques, Speaking with angels and guides.
I consider myself a healer, a spiritual counselor and guide. I work in the energy field getting messages from your spiritual guides, Ancestors, angels, Attended masters.
However, I do not consider myself a medium. I sometimes get messages from those the crossover. I however do not speak with your angels guides or that was on the other side directly as a medium. Keep that in mind if that is what you’re looking for. They come through as part of healing work but not as if I was calling them up on the phone to ask them a question.

Sessions: In person when available

  • 25 minute $60
  • 50 minute $100
  • 90 minute $133
  • Two hours $200
  • Three hours $300
Distance sessions are mostly done by phone. However, arrangements can be made for them to be done by FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google hangouts, Zoom. When available.

Distance healing sessions

  • 25 minute $50
  • 50 minute $88
  • 90 minute $122
  • Two hour $180
  • Three hours $250
  • Two dollars a minute for going over time. Sometimes not available.